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LaSalle, Michigan

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    Updated: 6/16/2021

258 Niagra

Slip For SALE

Karl Messer

$5,000 purchase


Convenient location directly across from the pool and big bath house.

272 Put In Bay

Slip For Rent

Neal Howey

$3,600 season


Best location in the marina, most protected on south side of Put In Bay, short walk from the pool and bath house.

85 Mackinaw

Slip For SALE

CP Tsai

$7,000 purchase


32' long dock

282 Put in Bay

Slip For Rent

William Farmer

$3,400 season


Drive up dock, 100 amp power, 54' x 18', Grass in front of dock, includes storage

352 Put in Bay

Slip For Rent

Mark Roberts



50 foot dock, dockside parking, close to bath house and pool. Winter storage not included.

163 Pelee

Slip For SALE

Jim Mackin

Purchase price: TBD


One of the nicest drive up slips on Peelee. 45\' that will accomodate up to 50\'+ and it is very wide so it will fit the widest beam boats. Email or text me for details and terms.

311 Put in Bay

Slip For Rent

Sarah Smith



75' max length - 18' max width, Last inside dock at the end of Put N Bay.
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